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Analyst Willy Woo Labels Bitcoin as The Best Long-Term Investment

According to crypto analyst Willy Woo, young people cannot afford to miss out on Bitcoin investments. Woo noted that many gold supporters are downplaying Bitcoin’s potential at the moment.

Since there’s a lot of gold bugs shitting on BTC right now, I’ve put up this chart of long term returns vs gold and stocks.

If you’re young, you can’t afford not to be invested in #Bitcoin ↗.

Real inflation is 10-15% via Shadow Stats.

Live Chart: https://t.co/fBs9bGWs4g ↗ pic.twitter.com/nltu2djIRE ↗

— Willy Woo (@woonomic) April 25, 2024 ↗

He supported his claims with a chart showing Bitcoin’s long-term returns compared to gold and stocks. 

Bitcoin Analyst Predicts Long-Term Potential Gains for BTC Holders Despite Criticism   

Woo believes that Bitcoin has better long-term returns than gold and stocks. He also mentioned that BTC surpasses stocks and gold in terms of ROI in a four-year investment period.

According to Woo’s chart, Bitcoin’s market inflation rate is between 10% and 15%, which makes it worth investing in. 

However, Bitcoin critic Peter Schiff has a different opinion. Schiff criticized Bitcoin’s post-halving performance, noting that the outlook is bearish for long-term holders. He believes BTC might find it difficult to hold at $60,000, and any drop below this level will lead to a major decline. 

The critic says hardcore Bitcoin supporters are used to big price drops. However, the new investors of BTC ETFs are in for a big surprise. 

Willy Woo Predicts Further Price Increase for BTC Despite Retracement

Bitcoin trades at $63.900, down 3.7% in the last 24 hours. However, it remains above $60,000. Despite several pessimistic opinions about Bitcoin’s trajectory post-halving, several analysts are bullish on the asset. Seasoned market analyst Willy Woo believes Bitcoin could be worth $91,000 at the bottom of a bear market.

He predicts that BTC can rise to $650,000 at the peak of a bull cycle, but only if the Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are fully adopted. 

In a recent X post, Woo said the new ETFs could move price targets to make $91,000 the bear market bottom. He also believes that Bitcoin will exceed the gold market cap when the ETF rally has taken full effect.

The new #Bitcoin ↗ ETFs brings price targets of $91k at the bear market bottom and $650k at the bull market top once ETF investors have fully deployed according to asset manager recommendations***.

These are very conservative numbers. #Bitcoin ↗ will beat gold cap when ETFs have…

— Willy Woo (@woonomic) April 15, 2024 ↗

However, Woo said his predictions are not for this cycle. Instead, they are long-term targets since capital deployments take a while to complete.

He noted that asset managers such as Fidelity aim for a modest allocation of 2% of portfolios to Bitcoin. Fidelity hopes to allocate around $2 trillion to Bitcoin. These firms manage approximately $100 trillion worth of assets. 

Currently, Bitcoin investments are worth over $561 billion. So, adding $2 trillion will expand its value to around $2.56 trillion. According to Woo, self-custody inflows are much bigger now, and the $2.56 trillion value is the lowest estimate. This number will likely increase over time for Bitcoin as more investors join. 

Woo expects Bitcoin to rally up to five times in a bull market if the asset managers implement their proposed allocations. This will translate to a market capitalization of $12.8 trillion in a bull market for BTC ↗

Also, Woo is confident that Bitcoin will exceed gold’s market capitalization once asset managers add the extra investment. According to Woo, gold went on a 12-year bull run when its ETF was approved, and now is Bitcoin’s turn.  

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