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Essential Investment Advice from Blackstone’s Billionaire CEO, Steve Schwarzman

In an insightful discussion with Forbes, Steve Schwarzman, the co-founder and CEO of Blackstone ↗, shared a wealth of knowledge derived from his expansive career in investment ↗. As one of the most successful investors globally, his strategies and investment advice are invaluable for anyone looking to navigate the complex world of finance. This article delves into the core pieces of investment advice that have shaped Schwarzman’s career and could potentially guide new and seasoned investors towards making sound decisions.

Start Big, Think Bigger

Schwarzman’s philosophy of ‘going big’ has been a driving force behind Blackstone’s growth into the world’s largest alternative asset manager, with assets surpassing $1 trillion. His early experiences working in his father’s store and later running his own ventures taught him the importance of ambitious, scalable business models. His advice to investors is clear: seize opportunities to expand and don’t shy away from aiming high, even if it means stepping out of comfort zones.

Embrace Comprehensive Data and Smart Collaboration

According to Schwarzman, surrounding oneself with the smartest people available and setting up systems that generate vast, proprietary data is crucial. His career, particularly at Blackstone, highlights the importance of collaborative intelligence and data-driven decision-making. Investors should seek to build or be part of teams that emphasize intellectual synergy and are well-equipped with information to identify and leverage market trends.

Patience and Precision in Investments

One of the key pieces of investment advice from Schwarzman revolves around patience and precision. He advocates for investing only when there is enormous confidence in the potential success of the venture. This approach requires a thorough understanding of the macro and micro-economic factors that could affect investments. His strategic patience has often led to significant payoffs, as exemplified by Blackstone’s successful investment in Hilton during the peak of equities in 2007.

Learning from Failures

Schwarzman openly discusses his past investment failures, such as the disastrous venture into Edgcomb Steel, which taught him the importance of rigorous decision-making processes and risk assessment. He emphasizes that effective investment involves not only recognizing what can go right but also preparing thoroughly for what can go wrong. This perspective is crucial for investors who must understand that setbacks are part of the investment journey and valuable lessons can be drawn from them.


Steve Schwarzman’s investment advice offers profound insights into achieving success in the investment world. His emphasis on going big, leveraging data, exercising patience, and learning from failures provides a robust framework for investors. By integrating these principles, individuals can cultivate a strategic approach to investing that minimizes risks while maximizing potential gains. For anyone looking to refine their investment strategies, adopting Schwarzman’s advice could very well be the first step towards significant financial growth and success.

James Mackreides
James Mackreides
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