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Miami Open: Grigor Dimitrov’s Superstitious Side Highlighted in His Unusual Morning Ritual Revelation

In the Miami Open quarterfinals, eleventh-seeded Grigor Dimitrov overcame top-seeded Carlos Alcarazon Thursday night, winning 6-2, 6-4 to record his first win over a top-five opponent in almost five years. The rising star in tennis from Bulgaria, Dimitrov, opened up to fans about his lesser-known superstitious side during a post-match interview at the Miami Open.

After his tremendous success and victories on the court, some might wonder how he prepares mentally before the match. Dimitrov finds comfort—and possibly even direction—in the alignment of celestial bodies, despite the demanding physical and mental demands of professional tennis. Shedding light on the subject, Dimitrov revealed a routine that he follows every morning.

Grigor Dimitrov’s love for “horoscope”


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For a player recognized for his concentration and commitment on the court, Grigor Dimitrov’s use of astrology gives his persona a fascinating twist. When talking about his preparation and approach to competitions, Dimitrov spoke up about a habit he had that may surprise a lot of people: he reads his horoscope every morning. “I love reading the horoscope every morning. I love doing that,” he said when asked about the possible signs that he sees before starting a match. Dimitrov said it with laughter, hinting at the humorous side of the fact.

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In sports, superstitions are not unusual. Players will often follow different rituals in an attempt to attract good fortune or preserve a sense of normalcy. These superstitions, which range from lucky socks to pre-game rituals, give athletes a psychological advantage, perhaps because they are true or are just consoling. And for Grigor Dimitrov, it is reading the horoscope.


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However, jokes aside, Grigor Dimitrov admitted that he does not have a particular warm-up session or anything that signals his victory later in the game. “Not really. Also, the past two, three days, to be honest, I barely hit any balls at practice. Conditions are very different throughout the day and night,” Dimitrov said, indicating the different weather and playing conditions during a day on the Miami grounds. However, nothing has stopped him from achieving his goals on the court, and that is visible through his efforts on the ground.

Dimitrov admits to doing “something right” on-court


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The Bulgarian has now reached three out of the previous four Masters 1000 events to reach the semifinals or better; a semifinalist in Shanghai last October, a finalist in Paris last November, and now a semifinalist in Miami. A few weeks ago, at Indian Wells, Dimitrov advanced to the fourth round before losing to Daniil Medvedev.

Talking about his overall goal in his career for the last few years, he said, “I think every year I’m trying something new, and finally, after I don’t know how many appearances here, I feel like, okay, I’m doing something right, and I think I’m just going to stick to that.”

Dimitrov appreciated his team and their support, along with his own dedication to the game that has led him to reach the semifinals this year. “I think I’m, most of all, I’m very proud of myself, but of course with my team and everyone that has been helping me to stay also in that bubble, if you say, like it’s very important,”  he said after the match.


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Fans will surely be watching Grigor Dimitrov’s performances as he competes in the Miami Open, maybe now more interested in learning about the part astrology has played in his life.

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