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Raiser.co Pioneers Equitable Crypto Investments with Playbux Fair Community Offering (FCO)

Dubai, UAE, January 2nd, 2024, Chainwire

Crypto accelerator and launchpad Raiser has announced the introduction of a novel fundraising model it calls a Fair Community Offering (FCO) as it seeks to democratize the way users invest in crypto projects. The innovative approach marks a major departure from traditional web3 financing models such as ICOs, IEOs, and IDOs by meritocratically rewarding dedicated, engaged community members and early supporters at a project’s pre-exchange listing stage.

Fair Community Offering: A Paradigm of Equitable Investment

In contrast to existing launchpads that often cater to speculators rather than a project’s true supporters, Raiser’s Fair Community Offering advances a merit-based approach, ensuring early-stage capital is sourced from passionate backers who share a venture’s vision and values. This equitable system rewards user engagement and knowledge, with a unique gamified ranking system prioritizing genuine supporters for potentially highly lucrative pre-listing investments.

The first project Raiser will support is Playbux, a cutting-edge web3 entertainment platform backed by industry giants Binance Labs and VISA. The Playbux FCO, orchestrated by Raiser and market maker partner Kairon Labs, is scheduled for January 2024 with an exact date still to be confirmed.

“Our goal is to effectively support both the community and centralized exchanges, who show belief in the potential success of new projects through initial listings. Our unique platform rewards active community members and so assists exchanges in their strategic decisions,” said Raiser’s Co-founder and CEO Kori Leon, who previously served on the listing team at leading digital asset exchange Binance.

Currently ranked the #1 most active dApp on BNB Chain with 16 million users, including 1.3 million monthly active users, Playbux boasts many impressive features including a shop-to-earn mechanism that connects community members with over 26,000 global merchants for cashback and rewards. Among its many milestones, Playbux was responsible for the most traded NFT on the BNB Chain.

Unique Ranking System: Elevating Engagement Over Speculation

FCO sales are designed to recognize and reward those who demonstrate genuine engagement and knowledge about a project. To participate in early-stage investments, users must perform specific actions on Raiser to prove their dedication to a project’s success. The unique ranking system, which gauges support levels and recognizes users according to various metrics, creates a healthier token launch environment and helps to mitigate selling pressure on CEXs where earlier backers simply look to sell instead of caring about the project’s long-term success.

Raiser’s selection of Playbux as its first FCO was driven by the latter’s impressive community engagement metrics and tokenomics, which are thoughtfully designed to benefit community members. With the FCO, Raiser intends to further incentivize and engage these active users within the Playbux ecosystem, deepening their involvement in the project’s success.

Token-Free Launchpad: A Commitment to Fair Play

Advocating for informed investment through education, Raiser operates without a token. By eliminating this element, the platform underscores its belief that one’s passion for and commitment to a project should be the key drivers for investment opportunities, not the possession of a launchpad token.

The Raiser team is composed of industry veterans such as top-tier market makers and project founders, as well as several former Binance team members. CEO Kori Leon ↗ indicates that the accelerator and launchpad will support projects that demonstrate robust fundamentals, sustainable growth plans, and a commitment to creating products that drive widespread crypto adoption.

About Raiser

Raiser is a crypto accelerator and launchpad committed to giving equal opportunity to users who wish to invest in the future. By focusing on community-driven projects through its unique Fair Community Offering (FCO) funding model, Raiser aims to transform the web3 fundraising landscape and promote a more meritocratic approach.

About Playbux

Playbux is a web3 entertainment platform on the BNB Chain. With commerce, DeFi, NFT and metaverse activities integrated into its dApp, Playbux acts as a gateway to the blockchain world, enabling users to purchase real-world merchandise and receive codes that can be used to redeem metaverse items or digital PBUX tokens.


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