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Investments: NIPC Boss, Aisha Rimi, Urges Nigerians to Project Country’s Positive Image 

Aisha Rimi

The Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) has sought a stronger partnership with the media come 2024 to establish a positive environment that will attract more investments into the country.

This was disclosed during the 2023 media “Meet and Greet” organised by the Commission on Friday, in Abuja.

The NIPC Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Aisha Rimi, also tasked the media to be good ambassadors to promote Nigeria positively. As every Nigerian, including the media have roles to play in driving President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda and ensuring the growth and development of the country.

She said: “It is essential that Nigerians work in whatever shape or forms we can. We are all stakeholders in this, and at every level, everybody has a role to play.

“There are countries where you never hear the press talking wrong about their country, no matter how the story goes, they spin it to their benefit.

“So let us try to do that. Let us be ambassadors. Let us promote Nigeria and promote the good things about Nigeria.”

Rimi acknowledged that there might be instances when things go wrong but it is up to all Nigerians to act as ambassadors.

“Let us highlight the good stories; let us learn to support each other so that investors will be attracted to the country, and we will be able to grow the economy.”

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Rimi said NIPC was set up to facilitate investments in the country, promote access to investors in the country and retain the ones already in existence.

She said: “If nobody traps these people and give them the support they need, other countries are competing with Nigeria, so we must be very intentional.

“So our job is to bridge that gap between the private sector and government.

“To ensure that our investors, be it foreign or domestic, incoming or those already here, enjoy their experience and the economic activities in Nigeria are fruitful and beneficial.

“This is because if they do well, we do well. We know the resultant effects, the multiplier effects that a successful investment will have on our economy, job creation, diversification of the economy, and all of that.”

She added that the Commission is aligning its focus and efforts to key into Mr President’s eight-point agenda.

Rimi thanked the entire media force for the support the commission had enjoyed in the past and expressed optimism that such supportive cooperation will continue.

She said,” as we settle down, we will continue to depend on your support to promote the commission’s activities.

“As we go into the year 2024 by God’s grace, we will keep you abreast of the developments as they occur.

”Please look at us as an open agency. Our doors and ears are open; we will listen to constructive criticism and information, verify what we can, and provide you with what we can.

”But it is a partnership that we all exist in the same ecosystem, and so we must coexist harmoniously, cordially, and respectfully.”

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