If you are an investor looking for the best crypto investments for massive ROI, look no further than BorroeFinance ($ROE), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Avalanche (AVAX). While AVAX and BCH are not new to savvy investors like you, BorroeFinance is just making its debut in the crypto industry. Keep reading to discover why investors are interested in these tokens and what experts are saying about them.  


AVAX Surges Amid Token Unlocks

In November, Avalanche unlocked 9.5 million tokens worth approximately $106.9 million. According to reports from Token Unlocks, $50.4 million will go to the project team, $18.7 million will go to the Avalanche Foundation, $25.2 million will go to Avalanche’s strategic partners, and $12.6 million will be used for airdrops to Avalanche community members.

In other news, CryptoDiffer also noted that Avalanche conducted the biggest Token Unlocks among DeFi companies in Q4 2023. Avalanche unlocked $243 million worth of AVAX tokens in November. Despite this massive supply of AVAX to the crypto market, AVAX recorded a massive 112.91% surge in November.

On November 8, AVAX sold for $12.82. A month later, AVAX surged and traded for $27.49. According to experts, AVAX will sustain its bullish trajectory and likely trade for $36.50 in Q1 2024, thanks to growing investor interest in the token.

$ROE Enters Third Presale Stage in December

Finding a crypto token that can guarantee a triple-digit ROI within a specific timeline is rare. Luckily, you just stumbled on BorroeFinance ($ROE). BorroeFinance is the world’s first AI-powered fundraising platform to allow web3 businesses to raise instant cash by selling future earnings to supportive communities at discounted prices.

According to experts, this new platform will solve the short-term liquidity problem in the web3 industry and ensure the success of new DeFi projects. In addition, BorroeFinance ensured the safety of investors on the platform by having BlockAudit test and verify its systems. Currently, BorroeFinance is entirely safe from cyberattacks and exploits.

$ROE’s third presale stage began in December, and $ROE surged from $0.015 to $0.0175, gaining 16.7%. After all presale stages conclude in 2024, $ROE will be listed on major crypto exchanges and sold for $0.04. This price movement will deliver a 128.6% ROI to early investors.  


BCH-PERP Gets Coinbase Approval

As part of Coinbase’s effort to offer crypto perpetual contracts for all top altcoins to global customers, the exchange announced support for Bitcoin Cash perpetual futures contract on December 2. BCH-PERP was listed on Coinbase International Exchange and went live on December 7 by 10 AM UTC.

According to experts, this move will attract Bitcoin Cash investors looking for flexible investment options, leading to favorable market conditions. As a result of this Bitcoin Cash perpetual futures listing, BCH recorded a double-digit surge in the first week of December.

BCH traded for 224.53 on December 1; by December 8, BCH already gained 11.17% and sold for $249.80. According to experts, Bitcoin Cash is set to surge with BTC in Q1 2024 thanks to the upcoming Bitcoin Halving. Therefore, BCH is likely to trade for $280 by Q1 2024.   

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