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The best apps and services to keep your New Year’s goals on track in 2022

2022 is here, and I know I have some major goals for the coming year related to wellness, health, finances, and family. As you set out to make 2022 your best year yet, here are some useful apps and services to keep you on track all year long.


Fasting is one of the best habits you can kick off in 2022, and Zero is my favorite fasting tracker. I’ve been fasting off and on for a couple of years, and I plan to stick to 1-2 meals a day in 2022. The more I read about metabolism, the more I realize that eating/snacking causes our body to continually digest food, which isn’t a good thing. When I really think about the number of times I’d normally put a bite of food in my mouth, I realized I was eating 15+ times a day. Fasting helps me focus on eating at preset times and then avoiding anything that starts up my digestive system.

Zero makes it easy to track your fast, understand what stage your body is in, as well as create custom options for different types of fasts depending on the day of the week. I typically will eat lunch on Sunday and then avoid anything but water and coffee (no cream/sugar) until 2:00 p.m. on Monday.

It might sound like a big departure from your normal routine, but a regular fasting routine tracked by Zero might be the best habit you can start in 2022.

Download Zero on The App Store


There’s an old saying: what doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. If you’re looking to make running, biking, or walking a habit in 2022, tracking it with Strava is incredibly easy. The free plan covers the majority of needs. It allows you to connect with friends, monitor your stats, and make sure you stay active throughout the year.

If you exercise near your house, Strava makes it easy to make the map even more secure than normal, ensuring that only you can access the location and route.

Download Strava on The App Store


If improving your finances is one of your goals this year, Wealthfront is a service to consider. It allows you to roll over old 401ks, create new Roth IRAs/traditional IRAs, open 529 accounts (child college funds), and even set up an automatic savings plan. I’ve been using Wealthfront for years to save for retirement. If you want to add exposure to Bitcoin through your retirement accounts, the company added support for the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust last year, so you can have some exposure to Bitcoin with a few taps. I really enjoy their overall ease of use for managing risk and setting up automatic investment plans.

Get started with Wealthfront

Day One

Being mindful to enjoy every day is a great way to focus on the positives of life. Journaling every day using Day One is a great habit to start in 2022. With Day One, you can add photos, audio clips, text, and more. If your kids say something funny, be sure to document it. If you hit a milestone with your fitness journey, document it for motivation later.

Day One provides an easy-to-use interface to log everything through the year across macOS, iOS, and even watchOS.

Download Day One on The App Store


If you have goals related to food and water intake in 2022, Calory is the app you need to download immediately. It has one of the best interfaces you’ll find for tracking calories throughout the day. The concept is simple: Set your daily calorie goal, such as 2000, then log your calories throughout the day to try to stay within your goal. Calory works with HealthKit, too, so you can view historical data logged in Apple Health.

Download Calory on The App Store


These are just a few of the apps I recommend for staying on track with fitness, financial, and overall wellness goals in 2022. I’ve used all of these apps and can personally recommend them. What apps are you using to stay on track in 2022? Leave a comment below!

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