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Read it and weep you jealous beggars because Newcastle United are now richest club on the planet

These last two Newcastle United days have been surreal.

On Thursday morning I got up and was quickly informed from Bulgaria by my brother that something was afoot in the Toon.

I hadn’t seen the previous evening’s news, but could tell through wor lad’s enthusiasm, that I had better check things out.

Unlike me, he has always been cautious throughout these arduous last 18 months. I had always seen his reasoning, but as readers on here will know from my articles….I have always been a glass half full man.

After eagerly checking the news and coming off social media, I then knew in my heart and my head that Thursday the 7th of October was going to be a momentous life and game-changer for all folk of a Newcastle United persuasion.

A few quick telephone calls to some of the lads and then we were off for some refreshment and updates from Keith Downie on Sky Sports ↗.

There was obviously a few people out who had “dipped a shift” and you could sense the nervous anticipation. This was tempered by a feeling of camaraderie, that this could finally be the day that we all would be set free from Ashley’s ↗ shackles…. after 14 disastrous and miserable years.

As the day wore on our confidence was fuelled by the minute, and by mid-afternoon, we were being informed that an imminent announcement on a successful takeover would be forthcoming. When it duly arrived I looked about the pub and saw joy and relief all around. The beer tasted good and after cuddles and handshakes, I headed yem to absorb everything in solitude.

I had tears in my eyes when I saw the young 16 year old lassie who had took our campaign to Westminster and ended up becoming a spokeswoman…thanking Mehrdad Ghodoussi, along with a few other more than grateful fans.

The scenes outside St James Park ↗ were truly amazing…

I smiled to myself when I realised that a lot of the young-uns there had finally got their club back…and may now go on to feel the pride and enjoyment of supporting Newcastle United like I once used to do.

Everything has happened so quickly since the beginning of the CAT jurisdiction hearing last week. As I said in my most recent article on the takeover, I thought we had the EPL on the back foot… Now just look at the reaction today of the six clubs within the rotten and elitist cartel?

Well read it and weep you jealous beggars because Newcastle United are the richest club on the planet.

Whilst the supporters have been handed back the one thing that they craved more than anything else….Hope.

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Kaylie Pferten
Kaylie Pferten
A pilot of submersible crafts in a former life, now married to my husband David and writing about investment advice.

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