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Citizen Finance Prepares to Release Metalands, The World’s First GameFi FPS Video Game, on Steam.

Turkey, 30 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, There is a new term called GameFi, which we have been hearing frequently in the crypto market lately. We know what DeFi is, but what about GameFi? What is this GameFi, let’s take a closer look.

I would like to introduce you to Citizen Finance, which is one of the companies that has taken an effective step to be a pioneer in GameFi and has determined very clever moves for this. I must say that Citizen Finance is working on an All In One GameFi model that will bring many innovations to the market. In this project, there are many features, not just video games, and we will examine all of them in order, but first, let’s examine the video game called Metalands, the first FPS GameFi project in the world.


FPS is used to describe First Person Shooter type games. The type of viewing angle that allows the player to see the game world through the eyes of the character in the game is done with the mouse control. The weapon, health bag and similar game elements held by the controlled character can also be seen on the screen. Depending on the decision of the producers, the viewing angle can be narrower or wider, so the player can feel like they are in the game world. These features are usually like this for every FPS game, but Metalands is a different concept here. In the game world, while players usually spend money on games, in GameFi, on the contrary, you start making money by playing games. Thus, Play to Earn, a new concept for the game industry, has emerged.

Metalands is a blockchain-enabled FPS with NFTs as in-game assets. The game features multiplayer game mode, progressive open world Story mode and win mechanism. Players have the right to customize their bunkers, characters and weapons with assets that can be withdrawn and traded as NFTs. If you’ve played any FPS game, you know that assets earned in-game can only be used in-game. Normally you cannot get any monetary value from these in-game items. However, all game items you earn with Metalands can be traded and sold for real money. This is what makes it unique and interesting as well as having great gameplay. When you combine gaming with cryptocurrencies, you enjoy amazing gameplay with a chance to win real money. You can think of it as the next revolution in the gaming world. Until now, only game developers were making money while charging you for games and even in-game purchases. With Metalands, that all changes. Now players will start earning money while playing games. In Metalands, any in-game item you own (character, skin, weapon, etc.) can be converted to NFT.

Just as you can have real ownership of items such as artwork, a bicycle, a house, or any other tangible item. You can think of NFT as digital assets, and owning an NFT means you own the digital assets. Any items earned in Metalands are not stuck in the game. You can even take these items outside of the game to secondary marketplaces and sell them for money. The game uses CIFI tokens to allow purchasing and minting new in-game items. A decentralized secondary market lives on the blockchain network, where players can securely trade their products with each other using the CIFI token.

We all know the pay-to-play model, but Metalands’ game model is “Play to win”. You can actually earn real money by playing this FPS game with blockchain integration. If you’ve played any famous multiplayer shooting games, you know you can’t make any money out of it. In fact, you have to spend real money. However, with this unique game model, players can earn by selling and trading in-game items.

What we do know from its scenario for now is that it’s set in an era when extraterrestrial warriors invade Earth in search of a precious metal called CIFI. Equipped with story and multiplayer game modes, players take on the role of Harry Lam, a military contractor sent to the alien-occupied occupation zones of MetaLands to learn about them and free the MetaLands Citizens.

The Alpha version of the game is scheduled to be released on Steam in November 2021. Players will have multiplayer features in this version, but will have to wait until 2022 for the campaign mode.

MetaLand’s Bunker System

A look at MetaLand’s Bunker System

Introduction of Bunker system is a groundbreaking concept which Metalands will make gameplay and inventory unique. Each player is entitled to a bunker (3D inventory) which they can store their in-game assets, appearance, take missions and interact with other clans. The Bunker can be upgraded to contain more weapons as each bunker is limited to the number of assets it can contains. Players can also purchase new bunkers instead of upgrading their old bunker.

Each player starts the game with their own private area. The Sanctuary consists of many different rooms, all of which can be tailor-made to support different functions. Users jump straight into their bunkers after starting the game and logging in, instead of facing the usual main menu face-to-face. There, you can walk to any of the different consoles and terminals and use them to access assets, enter quests, or consult your friends’ network. Players can redesign the layout of all items in the bunker by adding, moving or removing furniture and other assets, and even importing art and other NFTs from secondary markets. With the release of MetaLands Alpha Edition, the game will offer a growing number of different base bunkers, all with different attributes and available upgrades.

When a player upgrades a bunker, the player is purchasing additional space to store in-game assets. A bunker can only be upgraded 3 times after which it needs to be renewed. By purchasing a new bunker, the player gets a new bunker with new designs, more space and functionalities.

The CIFI token plays an important role in the MetaLands economy. CIFI is a utility token which allows artists/players to customize their bunkers with their own creations printed as NFTs on the MetaLands DApp. CIFI is required for players who want to open Loot Boxes, create their own Protocols, trade their bunkers on the secondary market, and use the workshop. To prevent fraudulent activities, only verified creators are allowed to use the workshop in accordance with Metalands terms and conditions.

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