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Inside Lagos’ luxury travel sector

Nigeria’s travel sector has been booming for more than a decade now. West Africa alone has 46% of the regional total of tourism activity ↗ and Nigeria itself has the second highest level of hotel investments on the continent. With figures like this, it’s no wonder Lagos is home to so many luxury travel destinations. We’re going to take a look inside some of Lagos’ most exclusive hotels and restaurants, to see what the fuss is all about.

The Federal Palace Hotel & Casino

The Federal Palace Hotel & Casino ↗ is one of the premier resorts in Lagos. As well as stunning suites and elegant restaurants, you’ll also find a fully-fledged casino here. There are all kinds of games available to play, from roulette, to slots, or pokies in New Zealand ↗ as they’re called. You’ll be able to enjoy it all here. Alternatively, if you’d rather relax in your room (or by the pool), you can always use the free Wi-Fi to access online casino games instead.

The hotel has gained a five-star rating and it’s not hard to see why. The suites are elegant, with king size beds and views out over the stunning pool area. By night, the pool is illuminated beautifully, allowing guests to relax and enjoy a drink while they watch the city skyline fade into darkness.

Dine at Ona Lagos

Even the plates at Ona Lagos are made locally.

Has the idea of a stay at the Federal Palace Hotel whet your appetite? Then let’s take a look inside one of Lagos’ hottest restaurants. Ona Lagos ↗ is situated in the glamorous neighborhood of Victoria Island. It stands out from its neighbors in that it offers a menu that’s rooted in Nigerian cuisine, but with a modern flair. The head chef, Obehi Ekhomu, was inspired by their father to elevate their country’s signature dishes.

As such, you’ll find delicious and creative options like house-smoked land snails and sea snails sat on a bed of caramelized leeks, topped with a silky soft garlic cream and a crunchy tapioca crisp. These unexpected, but local, ingredients come together to create a harmony of flavours and textures that is truly special. Not only are the dishes inspired by countries in Africa, but the actual dishes are made nearby too. Plates come from Atamora, glassware comes from Ilupeju, even the lights are made nearby. Ona shows that African artistry is present everywhere, if only we look for it.

Stay at The Lagos Continental

Another five star establishment to open in Lagos is the Lagos Continental ↗, also located in Victoria Island. This hotel is the tallest in all of West Africa with 23 floors holding more than 350 rooms in total. Thanks to the immense height of this hotel, most rooms are afforded spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Head to the fifth floor and you’ll find a stunning infinity pool, as well as a spa, beauty salon, and a fitness center. One of the most special things about the Lagos Continental is its myriad restaurants. There are five different restaurants to choose from, as well as one of the most comprehensive room service menus in the city.

Safehouse Restaurant

Our final visit is to the Safehouse Restaurant and Bar. Like Ona, this restaurant has a focus on African flavors, but with a delicious European twist. The handmade pasta topped with meltingly soft smoked goat is a firm favorite on their menu. We also love their commitment to hosting one of the city’s most fabulous cocktail hours in their full glass terrace. Whatever the weather, you can watch the sun go down with a glass of something sparkly in your hand. What could be more luxurious than that?

James Mackreides
James Mackreides
'Mac' is a short tempered former helicopter pilot , now a writer based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Loves dogs, the outdoors and staying far away from the ocean.

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