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ETHSofia Unveils an Impressive First Cohort of Speakers, Sponsors, and Partners

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Aimed at boosting the Ethereum ↗ ecosystem in Bulgaria and promoting Sofia as a thriving Web3 hub, ETHSofia ↗ is gearing up for its inaugural edition on October 17-19 at Sofia Tech Park ↗.

Carrying out its mission to unify all crypto developers, investors, and enthusiasts alike, the ETHSofia team now presents the first installment of speakers and partners.

The ETHSofia conference will fascinate its over 600 expected attendees with inspiring talks by Zahary Karadjov ↗, BlockSense ↗ CEO and ex-Status ↗ Nimbus Team Lead, Vesselin Velichkov ↗, a ZK Cryptography Researcher at OpenZeppelin ↗, Andrei Duma ↗, Head of DeFi ↗ at LI.FI ↗, Mikael Lazarev ↗, co-founder and CTO of Gearbox ↗, Darren Camas ↗, CEO of IPOR Labs ↗, Diana Tlupova ↗, Head of Compliance at NexeraID ↗, TokenBrice ↗, strategist at The DeFi Collective ↗ and advisor at Maverick Protocol ↗, Lion Dapplion ↗, Ethereum consensus core developer at Lighthouse Sigma Prime ↗, and Vyara Savova ↗, Senior Policy Expert with the European Crypto Initiative (EUCi) ↗

Moreover, several of the most innovative Web3 companies will contribute to the success of the event. Namely, digital assets institution Nexo ↗ joins ETHSofia as a top-tier sponsor, along with web3 self-custodial wallet ↗ Ambire ↗, fixed-rate lending and borrowing protocol IPOR ↗, and bridge and DEX aggregator LI.FI ↗ as well. 

ZK rollup BlockSense ↗ will be a platinum sponsor of the ETHSofia hackathon, with DeFi ↗ market maker Raven DAO ↗ sponsoring too, whereas DoraHacks ↗ will offer operations support. Generous bounties for the winning programming contestants are also to be expected, so developers and hackers are invited to promptly apply here.

The ETHSofia team has also presented Philip Matov ↗ from Belayer ↗, ex-Consensys ↗ and Matter Labs ↗, and Lyuben Belov ↗ from Daedalus ↗ and LaunchHub ↗, as advisors.

“We got inspired by Vitalik Buterin’s appeal to make Ethereum cypherpunk again, and set up ETHSofia as an attempt to showcase and enhance the next generation of Ethereum innovation. We invite everyone working toward or advocating for privacy, trustlessness, and decentralization to join us and help us deliver a world-class event!”, Vlad Dramaliev said.

The Super Early Bird tickets are set to go on sale very soon, so follow the ETHSofia social media channels on X ↗, LinkedIn ↗, or Telegram ↗, or subscribe to their newsletter ↗ to stay in the loop. 

About ETHSofia Conference & Hackathon

Crafted as the brainchild of devoted blockchain professionals and enthusiasts, ETHSofia is set to welcome a vanguard of thought leaders and builders innovating in ZK proofs, account abstraction, AI, L2s, security ↗, and decentralized infrastructure. The goal? Design a global, scalable free market built on open-source blockchain technology.


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