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Monday, January 15, 2024

Futureneers’ unique investment strategy sets new standard for 12BA funds in South Africa

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Cape Town, South Africa – In the dynamic landscape of solar investments, Futureneers stands apart with its innovative and risk-mitigated approach to the 12BA Renewable Asset Portfolio. Unlike typical fund managers who raise capital first and then seek projects, Futureneers adopts a differentiated strategy, ensuring investors contribute only to solar projects on the verge of completion and electricity generation.

Strategic Advantage:

  • Capital Deployment with Precision: Futureneers commits to a strategy where capital is raised exclusively for solar projects that are not just shovel-ready but nearing completion. This ensures that every rand invested is immediately channelled into almost operational assets.
  • Completion Deadline Guarantee: All projects in the Portfolio are guaranteed to be completed by 29 February 2024. This critical deadline aligns with the requirements of SARS, which mandates that tax deductions of 125% are applicable only to solar plants that are completed and operational within the specified timeframe.

Risk Mitigation:

  • Focused Investment: By concentrating on near-complete projects, Futureneers dramatically reduces the typical risks associated with project initiation and execution delays, offering investors a more secure and predictable return.
  • Assured Tax Deduction Compliance: Our investment strategy is meticulously aligned with SARS guidelines. Investors can be confident that their investments will qualify for the maximum tax deduction allowed under the current legislation.

Investor Benefits:

  • Maximized Tax Efficiency: Investors in the Futureneers’ Renewable Asset Portfolio are positioned to capitalize on the substantial 125% tax deduction, a benefit strictly tied to project completion and compliance with SARS regulations.
  • Immediate Impact, Immediate Returns: Investments are funnelled into projects that are just steps away from generating electricity, ensuring that investors see the impact and returns of their contributions without undue delay.
  • Tax and Cash Flow Advantages: The Portfolio is designed to yield an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of over 15% after tax, with annual distributions, promising a rapid return of 2.4 times risk capital invested within seven years.

Calculate Your Potential Tax Savings with Our Investment Tool

  • Discover Your Investment Potential: To understand how your investment aligns with our differentiated strategy and to calculate your potential tax savings, visit our Investment Calculator.
  • Join the Futureneers Community: Be part of a unique group of investors who value precision, compliance, and timely returns in their solar investments.

About Futureneers:

Futureneers, established in 2016, is a visionary private equity fund focusing on renewable energy and innovative tax structuring. Having raised more than R500 million in capital and looking after the investments of more than 250 high-net worth individuals, the company has a proven track record in deploying capital in renewable energy projects, fostering sustainable growth and profitability.

For a deeper understanding of our unique investment strategy and to explore your investment opportunities:

Visit [Futureneers Investment Calculator] ↗ for more information.

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Disclaimer: Investments are subject to market risks and compliance with fund terms and conditions. Please ensure a thorough understanding before investing

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