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Why Financial Advisors Are Skeptical About Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval

A recent report revealed a significant gap between advisor expectations and market analysts’ predictions regarding the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF (exchange-traded fund) in 2024.

It offered a deep dive into the perspectives and predictions of financial advisors on cryptocurrency.

Financial Advisors Doubt Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval

A Bitwise Asset Management and VettaFi survey ↗ revealed that 61% of financial advisors don’t anticipate the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF ↗ this year. Surprisingly, this contrasts sharply with crypto enthusiasts’ 88% likelihood estimate for a January approval ↗.

The disparity indicates a potential undervaluing of the market’s readiness for such an ETF

The advisors’ view of an approved spot Bitcoin ETF as a significant catalyst is a major revelation from the survey. Indeed, an overwhelming 88% of advisors interested in purchasing Bitcoin are on standby, awaiting post-ETF approval to make their move.

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Access to cryptocurrency remains a hurdle for many advisors. Only 19% indicated the capability to purchase crypto in client accounts. However, the survey shows a strong commitment among those already invested in crypto. 98% of such advisors plan to maintain or increase their crypto exposure in 2024.

Notably, substantial crypto allocations (over 3% of a portfolio) have more than doubled in a year.

Percentage of Portfolios Allocated to Crypto. Source: Bitwise ↗

The survey also highlights persistent client interest in crypto, with 88% of advisors receiving crypto-related queries last year. Additionally, 59% of advisors note that their clients independently invest in cryptocurrency, indicating a significant opportunity in held-away assets.

Regarding investment preferences, advisors increasingly focus on crypto equity ETFs for 2024 allocations. Amidst this, regulatory uncertainty (64%) and volatility ↗ (47%) remain the top concerns hindering wider crypto adoption in portfolios. Interestingly, Bitcoin is the preferred choice over Ethereum ↗ for 71% of advisors, marking a significant shift from the previous year.

As Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan emphasized, advisors who control a substantial portion of wealth in America have not fully priced the potential impact of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval ↗.

“There’s a massive gap in expectations between advisors and those who monitor ETF developments for a living. Couple that with the fact that almost 90% of advisors say they’re waiting for an ETF before making a bitcoin investment, and you see a lot of demand bubbling just below the surface,” Hougan said.


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