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ALIVA: Redefining the real-estate industry in the region with Mountain View Egypt latest venture

“The company has allocated an impressive financial commitment of $4.5 billion, marking a significant milestone in the realm of real estate investments,” says Eng.Amr Soliman, Founder and Executive Chairman of Mountain View Egypt

Published: Mon 18 Dec 2023, 10:38 AM

Last updated: Mon 18 Dec 2023, 10:42 AM

Edited excerpts from an interview:

Since its inception, Mountain View has always been recognised as a human-centric entity that puts its client needs at the forefront of its operations. From that vantage point, do you believe that customers’ needs in terms of home ownership have shifted in this modern era we live in?

When discussing the changing and newly emerging demands and preferences of real estate clients, it’s important to shed light on both sides of the story. The first and most relatable side has to do with the challenging fluctuations in the economy following the devaluation of the currency, which compelled every prospective homeowner to look for the ‘ideal’ home that would serve as a good investment. The second and most interesting side, from my point of view, is the fact that customers’ overall behavior has witnessed a profound change due to the new rising lifestyle in this modern era. Clients today require more than just an upscale residential unit with top-notch amenities and a nice view; they want to be a part of a cohesive and vibrant community that is full of lively experiences.

And since Mountain View is a human-centric entity that puts its clients, whom we consider to be our families, and their demands at the forefront of our operations, the company has been following a methodical approach that enables us to keep up with the shifting market trends and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of our valued clients. This approach is strategic, involving a structured three-step plan. Firstly, we undertake an in-depth market analysis to comprehend both the current and future needs of potential clients and residents. Secondly, we put together a team of renowned young minds with extensive expertise to create designs and products that can fill current market gaps. Following this, we form strong partnerships with esteemed global entities renowned for their capability to bring premium real estate projects that meet international standards to Egyptian lands. This is how Mountain View has made its legacy and will continue to make its mark in the Egyptian and regional real estate markets.

2023 is an iconic year for Mountain View and a turning point in its successful legacy; could you tell us why?

In 2023, Mountain View is celebrating 18 years in the Egyptian real estate market and expanding our project portfolio to 18 projects. We at Mountain View have another hidden symbol for this year that only we know about: 18:18. That is the number of years the company has spent revolutionizing the dynamics of the Egyptian real estate market by introducing world-class and meaningful happy communities employing the latest innovative concepts and international standard designs. And, with the recent launch of our largest and most vibrant city, ALIVA, which spans over 638 feddans in the heart of Mostakbal City, New Cairo, Mountain View’s extensive project portfolio now totals 18 endeavours.

How does Mountain View intend to revolutionise the real estate scene through its recently launched project, ALIVA?

Since 2005, Mountain View has had an overarching vision of ‘Bringing Life to Land and Spreading Happiness Around Us’, which we have seen come to life through each and every one of the company’s projects. However, by introducing a city with such vibrant experiences as ALIVA, the company is taking a different tack on its vision. Through ALIVA, Mountain View is raising the bar for other real estate projects in the market and conveying a powerful message to its clients that the perfect balance between owning an upscale residential unit with a nice view and living in a vibrant community where you can fully embrace life does exist.

With ALIVA’s exceptional philosophy and the enticing slogan ‘Stop Watching, Start Living’, Mountain View has once again carved out a path that promises to alter the real estate scene for generations to come. In the development of ALIVA, the company is demonstrating the importance of stopping to watch life from the sidelines by actively promoting participation and interaction over passive spectating. To support this, the city is offering five engaging experiences across nine innovative parks incorporated within the project: Fields Park, River Park, Lagoon Beach Park, Club Park, Mountain View 5, Mountain View 5.1, Central Park, Heartwork, and Wonderville.

The remarkable experiences within the nine lively parks will be run by The Lighthouse, a one-of-a-kind experiential happiness destination and community development hub that aims to fulfil people’s diverse aspirations for personal growth through a variety of activities and workshops.

What is the storyline behind the project’s name ALIVA?

ALIVA: A City Where Experiences Come Alive. That being said, and stemming from the word ‘alive’, ALIVA is a city that grows around the core concept of being present in every moment. At Mountain View, we believe that a life well lived is one that engages all the senses and expands our horizons, one experience at a time. From that standpoint, the company is offering the families of the city vibrant, developing, fun, and engaging experiences across the nine parks, with the prime objective of enabling its community to step down from the spectator’s seat and experience life firsthand.

With ALIVA as Mountain View’s biggest venture, what is the allocated investment plan for such a mega project?

To present a ground-breaking project that is set to redefine homeownership, as well as being Mountain View’s largest real estate project and the largest land area for developers in Mostakbal City, New Cairo, the company has allocated an impressive financial commitment of $4.5 billion, marking a significant milestone in the realm of real estate investments.

What differentiates ALIVA from the other residential communities in the market?

What really sets ALIVA apart is the city’s distinctive and engaging experiences that foster a deep connection between Mountain View families and their natural and social surroundings across the nine parks. In a move that was both celebratory and timely, Mountain View unveiled ‘Fields Park and River Park, two of the city’s most forward-thinking and lively experiences, simultaneously with the launch of the project.

Fields Park is where all family members are engaging in healthy and developing activities through a remarkable ranch experience inspired by a home farming lifestyle. Located in the heart of ALIVA, the park is designed to provide residents with interesting gardening and agricultural experiences, such as gardening and farming guidance, woodworking workshops, community fruit harvesting, weekly farmers’ markets, and farm-to-table dining experiences. It also provides seed kiosks, a garden library, and other planting amenities. This gives residents the best of both worlds, allowing them to take advantage of the tranquilly of the countryside and the excitement of city life.

The second innovative experience is River Park, inspired by the famous water canals of Amsterdam, which offers an array of interactive waterfront experiences, such as kayaking, that can be used for training as well as an environment-friendly means of transportation within the park. Other interesting experiences are cycling; yoga sessions on a wooden deck; and portrait sketching on the parks’ iconic bridges to elevate the overall canal-centric experience within the community.

Aside from the residential area, what other distinctive concepts, projects, or amenities can we anticipate in the project?

When developing ALIVA, the company was keen to provide its families with projects and amenities that give them the sense of living in a fully integrated and inclusive city. Some of which are ‘Heartwork’, the first happy business hub in Egypt and the Middle East rooted in the science of happiness. ALIVA also features ‘Wonderville’, an experiential retail zone that received significant acclaim for catering to the diverse interests of Mountain View’s families, in addition to the MV Club, which offers a broad range of sports, recreational areas, and courts, reinforcing the belief that everyone plays, and also an area dedicated specially to watersports activities.

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