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Invest in agricultural land with APFC token and receive yield up to 30% APY

Cryptocurrencies are entering more and more sectors of our everyday lives and agriculture is one of the newest additions to the list. Investing in agriculture and land is challenging, especially in rural areas, or in places with cumbersome administrative procedures.

APF Digital Agrifund ↗, a family-owned company primarily engaged in investments in agricultural land in the Czech Republic, combines the advantages of digital assets with the benefits of real investment in agricultural land.

Transparency, responsibility, experience, and realism are among the core values of APF, as the company believes that the land has to be passed from generation to generation in order for it to continue its path as one of the most valuable assets on the planet.

The APF Digital Agrifund makes it fast and easy for anyone to invest in land and yield as much as 30% APY on their investments via its APFC security token. The APF Coin is covered by agricultural land owned by companies within the APF GROUP, which gives the token adequate security against inflation and volatility. The token also allows its users to use services and products within the APF GROUP.

Crypto investors and funds might be interested in the APF buyback option ↗, which is designed for APF Coin (APFC) holders who have acquired the token through various crypto exchanges or OTC deals. The token is currently listed on nine crypto exchanges, including HitBTC, Bitmart, Bitforex, Latoken, and the company is planning new listings in the upcoming quarter. The primary purpose of the buyback option is to mitigate the long-term risk associated with the possible fluctuations in the market value of APFC/USDT within the cryptocurrency trading landscape. 

This protective mechanism shields APFC holders from market value reductions and other negative market conditions. The fair value of APFC is determined by the total assets of APF GROUP, predominantly agricultural land and it’s crucial to note that this fair value may differ substantially from the current market value of the APFC/USDT exchange rate.

The purchase price is determined according to the current price on the stock exchange and will be stated in the contract, but the final buyback price will always be fixed, not by an exact amount but by a fixed interest, which is fixed at 12, 24 or 36 months.

As an example, if someone deposits € 10,000, APF can buy the investment back and grant the investor € 13,000, which can be further reinvested for additional 12 or 24 months and the investor will receive € 16,900 at the end of the second year. If the investor happens to reinvest the full amount for 24 months, a total of € 21,970 will be withdrawn at the end of the investment period. Furthermore, investors are freed from any fees, associated with token purchase, buyback and fund allocations.


APF DIGITAL AGRIFUND CR s.r.o. is part of the broader APF GROUP, and its main focus is investing in agricultural land in the Czech Republic and other countries in the EU. The company is added to the list of companies conducting asset management comparable to farming maintained by the Czech National Bank.

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