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“I don’t want a president that will come and kill Ewes and Gas” – Blind historian on why he prefers Bawumia to Ken

Visually impaired political activist, Duodu Bulgaria, has voiced his unwavering support for Bawumia over Ken, citing the need for peace and inclusivity as his primary motivators.

Duodu Bulgaria’ s impassioned words centred on his desire for a leader who would foster unity and peace.

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“I am a disabled man, so I want a president who will let me have my peace. Even without money, if I have peace, I am content. I don’t want a president who will introduce conflict into the country,” he began.

This was a subtle swipe at the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong, who is also contesting the flagbearer position of the New Patriotic Party alongside Bawumia.

Kennedy Agyapong in 2012 reportedly “declared war on all Ewes and Gas living in the Ashanti region, and that the NPP activists in the region should attack Ewes with machetes and cutlasses”, according to a report by The True Statesman.

Bulgaria, attempting to elevate Dr Bawumia, took a jab at this alleged utterance by Kennedy in the past and based his preference for Bawumia on several factors, including the latter’s knack for peace.

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“13th April 2012, did you not hear about the Assin Central MP who wants to be president saying we should kill all GAs and Ewes? Am I the one putting words in his mouth? Did he not say that at his radio station? If someone tells you something as an adult, and if someone from elsewhere comes to relay something, won’t you verify it? You just go with the information and repeat it everywhere? But, let’s say what the person said is true? Does that call for the killing of a whole tribe?,” he questioned.

Duodu Bulgaria’s impassioned speech centred on his desire for a leader who would foster unity and peace. 

“Dr Bawumia told me that when he comes to power, the NIA will collect the data of PWDs who are unemployed to help them receive some allowances every month. I strongly believe him. There is no one in this world I trust more than Bawumia. The whole world. He is an honest person,” Duodu explained.

When the host questioned the blind historian’s inclination towards Bawumia, Duodu was quick to defend his choice, contrasting the leadership styles of Nana Addo and Bawumia. He said, “Everyone has their style of leadership. Nana Addo has done his part. When Bawumia comes, he will also be a different person altogether.”

Backing up his endorsement for Bawumia, Duodu lauded his efforts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. He pointed out Bawumia’s statement that while humans couldn’t be brought back, the economy could be revived.

“Look at the dollar’s depreciation and its stability now. Dr Bawumia’s policies, such as the oil for gold policy, have proven beneficial, leading to manageable fuel prices,” he noted.

Duodu firmly believes that Bawumia’s presidency will offer a deeper insight into his capabilities and vision for Ghana.

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