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NFT Gaming Brings AI to Games with Voxpow Acquisition

The NFT Gaming Company Inc., the aptly-named Web3 gaming developer, made headlines yesterday with their acquisition of speech-recognition tools created by Voxpow, an AI company headquartered in Bulgaria. This news is the most recent development in the gaming industry’s race to harness the awesome power of AI. How will the Web3 gaming platform use AI technology?

Mintable Avatars for The NFT Company’s upcoming Gaming Universe
Image Credit: Gaxos.com

How will they use AI Technology in Games?

CEO Vadim Mats explained that  “Players will now be able to use their voice to control various aspects of games such as movement, responses, and other actions.” Integrating speech recognition into their upcoming slate of games will improve the overall gaming experience for their players, Mats added.

Voxpow’s technology will also help with another common pain point for online gaming– translation between different languages. Their tools can recognize over 100 different languages and understand player sentiment.  This feature is a major win for international play, and will help grow an interconnected global community of gamers.

Who is The NFT Gaming Company?

The NFT Gaming Company is a digital gaming platform creating its own proprietary games as well as hosting games developed by third parties. Their goal is to incorporate new technology into traditional digital gaming, specifically through NFT technology ↗. The tech company envisions a future in which gamers will have the ability to own in-game features such as skins, characters, and weapons as NFTs. These NFTs will then be usable across their network of games, greatly increasing players’ sense of ownership over their assets.

The NFT Gaming Technology is combining NFTs and AI to disrupt Digital Gaming
Image Credit: The NFT Gaming Company

Their gaming universe is called Gaxos ↗ and will run on the Polygon blockchain. Their first games will be available to play in early 2023. Players will be able to join in the fun by minting NFT avatars to use across the Gaxos ecosystem. By combining both Web3 technology and artificial intelligence, The NFT Gaming Company seems well-positioned to be a leader in the future of digital gaming.

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