As an investor, you know how important it is to diversify your portfolio with various investments—some riskier than others, but all with the potential to give you great returns on your money. An investment in Oryen Network is one worth considering.

The Oryen Network has seen a 200% price increase in its fifth presale, and the market has noticed it. The coin has surpassed major cryptos like Near Protocol, Stacks, and Osmosis in terms of market cap and is now among the top altcoins, according to Business2Community. ↗

If you’re looking for a cryptocurrency to invest in, Oryen is an excellent choice.

Oryen Autostaking Technology (OAT) simplifies the staking process and provides the best, most consistent returns possible, even with market fluctuations. With OAT, you can expect pay-out hourly rebase rewards.

And while that’s all well and good, what makes Oryen stand out is its Risk-Free Value (RFV) Wallet. As an emergency backup for RFV financial support, Oryen has a backup treasury to sustain the floor price even in times of low volume. And that makes it safe to invest in—you’ll never have to worry about losing money on your investment because there’s always a backup plan in place.

The network has a 90% annual percentage yield (APY). This means that investors can expect a 0.177% return daily on their investment—that’s on top of any gains they see in the price. This makes it one of the highest-paying cryptocurrencies on the market today.

It’s also important to note that the APY is fixed, so there are no surprises when it comes time to withdraw your funds from your wallet or exchange account.

SafeMoon investor and Youtuber Steven Clarke ↗ has urged investors to add Oryen to their trading portfolios in his Youtube Video. Investors should anticipate a price increase in the upcoming year as the network gains momentum.

What about Near Protocol, Stacks, and Osmosis?

The Near Protocol, an L1 blockchain, was launched in 2018. It was initially created with the goal of delivering increased efficiency, fast speeds, cheaper transactions, and cross-chain compatibility.

Stacks, on the other hand, is a layer-1 blockchain. It adds smart contracts to the Bitcoin blockchain. As a result, the stability and security of Bitcoin benefit decentralized applications (dApps), DeFi protocols, and NFTs built on Stacks (STX).

The automated market maker (AMM) protocol, Osmosis (OSMO), is built on the Cosmos blockchain. It prides itself on focusing on configurable AMMs such as token swaps and liquidity pool staking. Osmosis enables users to create, implement, and design unique and personalized AMMs. 


Near Protocol, Stacks, and Osmosis projects have done exceptionally well in the crypto sector. Without question, their early investors benefited. Although they may have reported fantastic figures, they are small compared to Oryen Network.

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