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Claymore Investments announces launch of International & Japan ETFS on TSX

Claymore Investments, Inc. is pleased to announce the launching of the Claymore International Fundamental Index ETF (TSX:CIE) and the Claymore Japan Fundamental Index ETF C$ Hedged (TSX:CJP) to begin trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) on February 14, 2007.
“We are very happy to be bringing these two products to market. There is
a real lack of good International focused ETFs designed for Canadian investors
and we believe these two new products will give Canadian investors a great
opportunity to get exposure to global markets, with the benefit of low
management fees and a strong investment strategy. The products are designed
using the Fundamental Index approach by FTSE RAFI, which have historically
outperformed their respective market benchmarks. The products could be great
tools to help any investor looking to diversify their portfolios”, said Som
Seif, President & CEO of Claymore Investments, Inc.

        Currently available on the TSX are the following Claymore ETFs:

    Ticker       Fund Name                  Summary
    CRQ          Claymore Canadian          Designed to give investors
                 Fundamental Index ETF      exposure to largest Canadian
                                            blue-chip equities based on
                                            fundamental value.
    CLU          Claymore US Fundamental    Designed to provide exposure
                 Index ETF (C$ hedged)      to the US market on a currency
                                            hedged basis through investments
                                            in blue-chip companies.
    CDZ          Claymore CDN Dividend      Designed to provide a high level
                 & Income Achievers ETF     of dividend and income by
                                            investing in companies that have
                                            a record of sustaining and
                                            growing distributions.
    CBQ          Claymore BRIC ETF          Designed to provide exposure to
                                            the Brazil, Russia, India and
                                            China markets.
    CLO          Claymore Oil Sands         Designed to give investors
                 Sector ETF                 exposure to companies that are
                                            highly focused on Oil Sands
    CIE          Claymore International     Designed to track the top non-US
                 Fundamental Index ETF      listed companies with the largest
                                            fundamental value.
    CJP          Claymore Japan             Designed to track the top
                 Fundamental Index ETF      Japanese companies with the
                 (C$ Hedged)                largest fundamental value.

    Like Claymore Investments’ other current ETFs, both the Claymore
International Fundamental Index ETF & the Claymore Japan Fundamental Index ETF
(C$ Hedged), will be offering two classes of units, the Common Unit and
Advisor Class Unit.

    About Claymore Investments
    Claymore Investments, Inc. is responsible for the administration and
management of the ETFs. Claymore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Claymore
Group, Inc., a financial services and asset management company based in the
Chicago, Illinois area. Claymore Group entities provide supervision,
management, servicing or distribution of approximately US$17 billion in
    For more information investors should consult with their investment
advisor or visit our website at www.claymoreinvestments.ca.

    There is no assurance the Fund will achieve its investment objective.
Past performance does not guarantee future results. Index returns do not
represent Fund returns. The Index performance results are hypothetical.
Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be
associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before
investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed. Their values change frequently and
past performance may not be repeated.

For further information: For media inquiries, please contact: Som Seif,
President, Claymore Investments, Inc., (866) 417-4640,
[email protected], www.claymoreinvestments.ca
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