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Are DeFi assets now the neglected child of crypto markets?

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Bitcoin’s [BTC] upward strides have had little or no effect on the decentralized finance realm. DeFi witnessed some serious fluctuation as bearish sentiment was overwhelmed the market. According to the latest report by Delphi Digital, decentralized finance [DeFi] assets have turned into “the neglected child of crypto markets.”

The beginning of the year saw DeFi extend its 2020 summer success as part of the wider bull run. However, as the latter turned sour, DeFi followed suit as well. On the other hand, the crypto market’s recovery failed to catapult the decentralized finance realm.

On a similar note, Delphi Digital also observed that DeFi’s significant run-down, after a strong rally into the year, when valued against Ethereum [ETH]. Spot volume on crypto exchanges Binance, FTX, and Coinbase has nearly doubled since the end of September. Recent data resurgence of activity in spot markets inspires some confidence.

Its tweet regarding the same read,

“DeFi assets are now the neglected child of crypto markets. After a strong rally into the year, DeFi has gotten battered when priced against ETH. And this is after taking ETH’s 60% drawdown in May into consideration.”

Are DeFi assets now the neglected child of crypto markets? 5

DeFi’s rescue – A ray of hope?

Despite the gloomy picture. Ethereum’s resurgence might come to the rescue. According to the latest data exhibited by DeFiLlama, the Total Value Locked [TVL] in decentralized finance has reached an all-time high of a whopping $204 billion after shedding significantly over the last month. To put things into perspective, the levels these high were last seen in the first week of September.

The latest trend can be attributed to the rise of prominent Lending platforms and decentralized exchanges [DEXs]. These two cohorts of applications continue to remain the most dominant factors catalyzing volumes for decentralized finance infrastructures across all chains. However, DEXs hold a higher position and are currently witnessing more participation and activity than Lending.

At the moment, decentralized exchanges based on Ethereum have been soaring. Even though Lending enjoyed traction, DEXs are still winning and attracting more inflows into the network, as depicted by Coin98 data.

Data on Binance Smart Chain [BSC] also echoed a similar sentiment where DEXs amassed well over 60% market share with respect to TVL. Polygon’s DEX also accounted for more than half of its entire TVL. This was true for the Solana network as well where decentralized exchange accounted for more than 70% of all the value.

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