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Is the Dacxi Chain’s Crowdfunding Tokenization Technology the Key to Crypto 4.0?

Since Bitcoin’s 2008 beginnings, the cryptocurrency industry has witnessed several different eras; Crypto 1.0, Crypto 2.0, and the current era of Crypto 3.0.

According to GlobeNewswire ↗, Bitcoin and the concept of payment currencies led the Crypto 1.0 era, while Ethereum spearheaded the era of Crypto 2.0. Crypto 2.0 focused on the underlying blockchain technology behind cryptocurrency, which gave birth to the tokenization revolution. However, following Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocols, certain issues like scalability, high cost, and transaction speeds have remained.

The era of Crypto 3.0 is aiming to solve these issues, by creating more effective tokenization solutions in the general blockchain and crypto industry. Like Cisco and Intel built the infrastructure needed to create the internet, key Crypto 3.0 players are currently building the foundational infrastructure needed to support the token revolution.

This brings us to Crypto 4.0. Where Crypto 3.0 is focused on technology-based solutions, Crypto 4.0 goes a step further – leveraging streamlined tokenization technology to provide tailored solutions that will solve real consumer problems.

There are already a number of projects in the blockchain space working to usher in the industry’s next big evolution.

An emerging leader among these projects is the Dacxi Chain.

What is the Dacxi Chain?

Currently being developed by global WealthTech Company, Dacxi, the Dacxi Chain ↗ is a novel global tokenized crowdfunding system. The technology is designed to eliminate the innovation funding gap. “The global enterprise economy comprises thousands of investable ideas and entrepreneurs, a significant proportion of which are unattainable to everyday investors,” says Ian Lowe, the CEO of Dacxi ↗. “The current equity funding sector is worth a whopping $10 billion. However, with the integration of the Dacxi Chain into the sector, we believe the sector could witness a market valuation of up to $1 trillion.”

The Dacxi Chain’s crowdfunding tokenization technology is custom-built to solve customer-centric problems in the crypto space. It will be built on Dacxi’s global network of Crypto Wealth Platforms, which form part of the Dacxi ecosystem.

The Dacxi Chain technology will be highly regulated, incredibly secure, and completely crowd-centered. Its main focus will be to help everyday investors gain access to investment opportunities that, prior to now, were exclusively reserved for the top echelon of society. Once this complex and sophisticated system goes live, the Dacxi Chain will allow for the democratization of hyper-growth innovation investments – making it accessible to all would-be investors. No matter who or where they are.

Crypto 4.0 will seek to solve consumer-centric problems, and this is precisely what the Dacxi Chain is designed to do. Signs are pointing to the Dacxi Chain leading the charge for the actualization of the Crypto 4.0 era.

The Dacxi Ecosystem

Dacxi is a global fintech company, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore. The company is the pioneer behind Crypto Wealth, an exciting emerging sector in the crypto space ↗. Dacxi’s mission is to provide the necessary education for everyday people to build the confidence they need to build their wealth with crypto. Dacxi has already established successful operations in both the United Kingdom and Australia. Today, they are on track to build a global network of over 100 localised license-regulated Crypto Wealth Platforms. They also plan to build the largest Token Marketing Organisation in the world. Planning to launch in 2022, the Dacxi Chain crowdfunding tokenization technology will play a key role in the ever-growing Dacxi ecosystem.

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